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Last Updated on Feb 25, 2022 by 3 Min Read

A Safety Guide to CNC Milling Machine

Safe operation regulations refer to the rules and procedures that workers must follow when operating CNC milling machine. The safety operation regulations include: operation steps and procedures, safety technical knowledge and precautions, correct use of personal safety protection equipment, maintenance of production equipment and safety facilities, emergency measures to prevent accidents, safety inspection systems and requirements, etc.

A Safety Guide to CNC Milling Machine

Safety Operation Rules of CNC Milling Machine

1. The operator must wear the labor protection supplies correctly according to the regulations. The operator with long hair must wear a working cap and tuck the hair in the cap. The rotating machine tool is prohibited from wearing gloves.

2. The operator must carefully read the operation manual of the CNC mill to understand the performance, structure and principle of the CNC milling machine, and the use of super performance is strictly prohibited.

3. Before starting the CNC milling machine, you must check whether all parts of the machine tool are complete and normal. The lubrication system and cooling system of the machine tool should be in good working condition. At the same time, check whether other debris is placed in the processing area to ensure smooth operation. Whether the safety protection device of the machine tool is reliable. The switches and handles are intact and in the specified position.

4. Refuel according to the lubrication chart, check whether the oil standard, oil quantity, oil quality and oil circuit are normal, keep the lubrication system clean, and the oil tank and oil eyes must not be opened.

5. For equipment that has been parked for more than 11 hours, it should run at a low speed for 3 to 5 minutes when it is turned on, and check the oil circuit to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth and the pipe joint is firm.

6. When starting up, the operation sequence of each key should be strictly followed. The actual operation of the newcomer must be carried out under the guidance of the professionals. Without the professional's consent, unauthorized operation of the machine tool is strictly prohibited.

7. When pressing each key, the force should be moderate, and the keyboard, keys and display screen should not be tapped hard.

8. No other items are allowed to be placed on the work surface. When placing the indexing head, vice or heavier fixture, take it lightly to avoid touching the work surface.

9. The machine tool data system and LCD screen must be kept clean to avoid data misreading.

10. After the CNC system is started, the CNC milling machine should be manually operated to return the machine to the reference point.

11. Before inputting the program, you must strictly check whether the format, code and parameters of the program are correct. The written program must be approved by the professionals before you can enter the program.

12. After the program is input, the simulation display of the processing trajectory must be performed first. After the program is determined to be correct, the processing operation can be performed.

13. Adjust the working position of the tool according to the coordinate requirements given by the program, check whether the tool is tightened, whether the tool rotation hits the workpiece, etc., and adjust the limit of the worktable.

14. Before machining parts, the origin and data of the tool must be strictly checked to ensure correctness.

15. The speed change operation is not allowed in the processing process, and it is necessary to keep the energy concentrated and stop immediately in case of abnormalities to deal with in time to avoid damage to the equipment.

16. When an alarm occurs, you must first enter the diagnostic interface of the main menu, find the cause according to the alarm number and prompt text, and eliminate the alarm in time.

17. The operator should stop when leaving the machine, changing the speed, changing the tool, measuring the size, and adjusting the workpiece.

18. During operation, the onlookers are not allowed to press any buttons or knobs on the control panel to avoid accidents and accidents.

19. It is strictly forbidden to modify or delete machine parameters arbitrarily.

20. Before the class, clean the milling machine, add oil after wiping, put the transmission handle in the neutral position, and set the feed speed to zero. Turn off the main power. After cleaning the iron filings of the CNC milling machine, after the internship of each class, the CNC mill is maintained according to the first-level maintenance standards. Fill in the equipment usage records carefully.

21. If an accident occurs in the operation of a CNC milling machine, immediate measures shall be taken to prevent the accident from further expanding and protect the scene, and at the same time immediately report to the supervisor.

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