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5 Basic CNC Machine Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

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5 Basic CNC Machine Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

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Follow the 5 basic CNC machine maintenance tips to keep your machine running well. Get benefits from making a regular maintenance schedule for your machine.

In order to keep your CNC machine running well, you should make a regular maintenance schedule for your CNC machine. Follow the 5 basic tips for your CNC machine maintenance.

5 Basic CNC Machine Maintenance Tips

You should focus on cleaning up dust and debris, including the chassis, racks, guide rails, spindles, tool magazines, machine tool chains, etc.

Do as follows:

First Section: CNC Machine Electric Box

Use a vacuum cleaner or air gun to clean up the dust inside the electric box (Note: Be sure to cut off the power, wait until the inverter has no display and the main circuit power indicator goes out before proceeding, such as using an air gun to drain the water in the air pipe first); check the electrical Components, check, and tighten the connection terminals. After cleaning, put the desiccant in the cabinet.

Second Section: CNC Machine Mechanical Transmission

After cleaning the dust and impurities on the machine screw, rack and guide rail, brush the rack and guide rail with lubricating oil with a brush (use machine guide rail oil ISO VG-32 ~ 68 mechanical oil, but grease is forbidden) The rail racks have oil, press the oiler oiling button manually to let the lubricant enter each slider.

Third Section: CNC Machine Spindle and Drilling Bank

1. Drilling Bank: clean the surface impurities, and then inject 5cc of lubricating oil (Krupp nb52) from the filler port, and run for 5 minutes after adding.

2. Spindle and Tool Holder: The tool holder on the spindle should be removed, and the taper hole of the spindle should be cleaned with a clean cloth. A little oil rubbed on the handle of the knife.

Fourth Section: CNC Machine Tools

The tools need to be removed and cleaned up, protected against rust, wiped with a little oil on the knives, and arranged properly.

Fifth Section: CNC Machine Accessories

1. Vacuum Pump: The user of the water-cooling vacuum pump puts the water of the vacuum pump clean, the sediment inside the water tank is cleaned with clean water, and the air-cooling vacuum pump cleans the filter element.

2. Vacuum Cleaner: Clean the dust and impurities from the suction port.

3. Oil-Water Separator: Drain the water from the oil-water separator in the bed.

Up to now, the CNC machine is well maintained. If possible, you can cover it with a plastic bag (CNC machine cover) to prevent dust fall. Before leaving the work shop or factory, you should turn off the main power switch of all electrical equipment to avoid unmanned management and unnecessary trouble.

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