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What Are Metal Engraving Machines Used For?

Last Updated on Aug 31, 2021 by 4 Min Read
What Are Metal Engraving Machines Used For

What Are Metal Engraving Machines Used For?

Laser Metal Engraving Machine

Metal laser engraving machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "carve" traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or to burn off part of the material through light energy to show the required etching graphics and text. A laser metal engraving machine is also known as laser metal marking machine and laser metal etching machine.


1. It can process most metal or non-metal materials.

2. The laser is processed with non-mechanical "tools", which does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material, has no "tool" wear, is non-toxic, and rarely causes environmental pollution.

3. The laser beam is very thin, so that the consumption of the processed material is small.

4. During processing, it will not generate X-rays like electron beam bombardment and other processing methods, nor will it be interfered by electric and magnetic fields.

5. The operation is simple, the use of computer numerical control technology can realize automatic processing, can be used for high-speed and high-efficiency processing of parts and components on the production line, and can be used as a part of the flexible processing system.

6. The precision workbench can be used for fine micro-machining.

7. Use a microscope or camera system to observe or monitor the condition of the processed surface.

8. It can pass through light-transmitting materials (such as quartz, glass) to process its internal parts.

9. You can use prisms, mirror systems (for Nd: YAG lasers can also use fiber optic light guide systems) to focus the beam on the inner surface or inclined surface of the workpiece for processing.

10. It can mark bar codes, numbers, characters, patterns and other signs.

11. The line width of these signs can be as small as 12μm, and the line depth can be up to 10μm or less, so it can mark the zero surface of the "millimeter" size.


Laser metal engraving machines are mainly used in stainless steel, aluminum, alumina, hardened metals, alloy steel, high-speed steel, titanium, titanium alloys, carbides, brass, copper, precious metals (such as silver, gold), and coated metals with shadow engraving, deep engraving and color engraving. A metal laser engraver can be used for etching guns, jewelry, metal crafts, metal arts, metal tags, metal signs, metal logos, and more metal fabrication projects.

When general metal materials are marked, the color and reflectivity of the lines are different from the original ones due to the ablation of lines with a depth of several microns or more (the width can be several microns to tens of microns), which causes the visual contrast effect of the human eye. , So that people can be sensitive to these lines (and the shape codes, numbers, patterns, trademarks, etc. formed by the lines). For glass, these ablated lines have a "dullening" effect; for plastics, due to the photochemical reaction and ablation, there are visual contrast and smoldering effects. If the surface of the material is coated with a special colored substance for marking, the colored substance will be fixed (high temperature ablation with the material) on the line and make it colored.

CNC Metal Engraving Machine

CNC metal engraving machine is a type of computer numberical controlled machine tool for fine metal engraving and milling. On the basis of the metal CNC engraving machine, the power of the spindle and the servo motor is increased, and the machine body can withstand the force, while maintaining the high speed of the spindle, and more importantly, the accuracy is high. It is generally considered to be a CNC milling machine that uses small tools, high power and high-speed spindle motors.


1. The machine body structure is made of cast iron, which has good rigidity and is not easy to deform, which ensures the stability of the machine.

2. Adopting a well-known brand of water-cooled brushless spindle, low noise, strong cutting ability, to ensure long-term work.

3. MACH3 control system is a very popular CNC controller.

4. Heavy load, no deformation, imported double nut screws to ensure the speed of engraving. Adopt Taiwan high precision linear guide. Taiwan imported high-quality linear guides have a life ten times longer than circular guides, and are stable and not easily deformed.

5. Imported high-precision ball screw clearance, stable movement, to ensure the high precision of the machine tool.

6. Using high-speed water-cooled motor, constant power, large torque, strong cutting force, high frequency, and long life.

7. Good compatibility: Compatible with software CAD/CAM, such as Type3/ArtCAM/JDPaint, and more.

8. Work continuously for a long time.

9. It has the function of re-engraving after stopping, and can recover from power failure.

10. The unique way to save the zero point.


The CNC metal engraving machine is mainly used to engrave various metal molds, steel molds, blister molds, hot stamping molds, aluminum molds, shoe molds, iron molds, copper work, watches, glasses, electronic fixtures, hand plates, insulating materials, and mobile phone cases. It is suitable for three-dimensional machining on metal surfaces, as well as for engraving and milling of precision parts.

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