The Most Common CNC Wood Router Controllers

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The Most Common CNC Wood Router Controllers

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CNC wood router control system

As we all know, the operation of CNC wood router is closely related to its control system. Summarizing wood CNC router controllers on the market, I believe that it can be roughly divided into three types: computer controller, DSP controller and all-in-one controller.

Computer Controller

That is, by installing the Weihong control card on the PCI slot of the computer motherboard, and installing the Weihong software driver on the computer to control the walking of the XYZ axis of the CNC router and the rotation of the spindle motor, the processing effect can be previewed and can be seen at any time Processing track, if the program loading error can be corrected in time; Weihong control system is currently the most widely used system in the CNC router control system, with a user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operation, complete functions, high program compatibility, and various engraving CAMs Software can be imported directly or indirectly. The disadvantage is that you need to configure a computer separately, but fortunately, the computer configuration requirements are extremely low. For customers with a small budget, you can configure a second-hand obsolete computer by yourself. Now Weihong has launched multiple versions of different control software and hardware, including multi-axis linkage.

DSP Controller

That is, you can hold it in your hand to control the movement of the CNC router. It saves space and does not occupy a computer; the disadvantage is that the operation is relatively troublesome, after all, all functions are integrated on a control panel, and it is easy to press the wrong function keys if the operation is unskilled. It is widely used with various CNC routers (including four-axis linkage) without occupying a separate computer, which greatly reduces the footprint of the equipment and is more convenient for tool setting. The disadvantage is that there is no preview and other functions, and the interface is not as intuitive as a computer.

All-In-One Controller

Independent integrated design, using industrial computer, PLC and other integrated control, rich interfaces, complete functions, can realize multi-axis control and automatic tool change. Mainly used for high-end CNC routers, machining centers, and some mold machines, precision CNC routers, the anti-interference ability of the control system, as well as various aspects of performance, control accuracy, etc. are better than other categories, this system is not mainstream in the CNC operating system , But it is the mainstream of the all-in-one type in the CNC router control system. The disadvantage is that the price is high and the operability tends to be more CNC machine tools. For some customers, the operation is not as simple as the former.

For CNC wood routers, the three control systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, so everyone must be careful when choosing. Users who use wood CNC machines to cut materials generally choose all-in-one control and industrial panels, while customers who do embossing and lattices generally choose computer control or handle control.

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