4x8 Linear ATC CNC Router for Woodworking in Russia


STM1325C Linear ATC CNC Router for Woodworking with 4x8 Table in Russia

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STM1325C 4x8 linear ATC CNC router machine is designed for our customer from Russia, which is equipped with linear automatic tool changer for woodworking.

STM1325C Linear ATC CNC Router Features:

1. 9KW air cooling ATC spindle, powerful in cutting and carving, makes ATC CNC Router with high precision, long service time and stable movement. 

2. 8 pcs linear auto tool changer follow with spindle, it can catch 8pcs different CNC bits for different work, no need to change bits by hand, the tool changing speed just 5s.

3. HIWIN linear rail from Taiwan, smooth and precise transmission, low noise, lifetime is 10 times longer than common rail way. 

4. Taiwan SYNTEC control system, support offline operation, even there is sudden electricity power-off, you needn't reset from beginning. You can also choose Mach3 control system, Nc studio control system or ShanLong control system depend on budget. 

5. Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drivers, Z axis with band brake, very powerful in use. Taiwan Delta servo motor for economical choose. 

6. Strong vacuum work table match with 7.5KW vacuum pump, big suction to fix materials. 

7. Rotary device for column carving optional.

8. Y axis with helical rack transmission, very stable and high precision. 

4x8 Linear ATC CNC Router

Linear ATC CNC Router with 4x8 Table

Linear Automatic Tool Changer

Linear ATC CNC Router Package

4x8 ATC CNC Router Package

ATC CNC Router Package

4x8 Linear ATC CNC Router for Woodworking in Russia
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