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STM1530D ATC CNC Router with Tool Magazine of 12 Cutters for Canada Customer

STM1530D ATC CNC Router with Tool Magazine of 12 Cutters for Canada Customer

Publish: Modify: May 22, 2019Author: Views: 255From: STYLECNC
STM1530D ATC CNC router with tool magazine of 12 cutters is designed for our Canada customer, the whole CNC router machine is finished and ready for delivery to Canada.

ATC CNC Router

STM1530D is a type of CNC router with automatic tool changer spindle, the spindle carries tools magazine of 12 cutters. The CNC router tools can automatically change according to the working requirements when the CNC machine works, no need of manual operation, which will improve the work efficiency greatly.

STM1530D ATC CNC Router Features:

1. 9.0KW Italy HSD air cooling spindle.

2. Heavy duty machine body.

3. Syntec controlling system.

4. Automatic tool changer spindle with tools magazine of 12 cutters.

5. 11KW Delta inverter from Taiwan.

6. Japan Yaskawa 850W servo motor and drivers.

7. Taiwan HIWIN 30 square rails.

8. Strong suction Non-oil vacuum pump 5.5KW.

9. Japan Omron limited switch.

10. Auto oil-lubrication.

11. Tool sensor.

CNC Router ATC

ATC CNC Router Tools

STM1530D ATC CNC Router Package

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