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Last Updated on Aug 27, 2021 by 3 Min Read

What Are Stone Engraving Machines Used For?

Stone engraving machine applications and market trends


Stone engraving machine is a high-tech, fully automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment capable of engraving calligraphy and painting on natural stone, glass, and ceramics. The stone engraving machine can engrave calligraphy and painting on stone, ceramics and ceramic tiles. It can meet the requirements of personalized home decoration and tooling art design. It can be used as advanced engraving processing equipment for decoration companies, handicraft industry, stone industry, inscription industry, and ceramic companies.


The stone engraving machine adopts square linear guide rail, double-row and four-row sliding block, strong bearing capacity, fast speed, stable operation, high precision and long life. Constant power spindle motor, with strong cutting force and high efficiency. Good software compatibility, compatible with a variety of CAD/CAM design software such as Type3/Artcam/Castmate. Equipped with complete engraving tools, embossed engraving functions, and two-way tool cooling system. CNC digital control, with breakpoint memory function, to ensure that it continues to work in the event of an accident (cutting a knife) or the next day.


Stone lettering, stone relief, stone yang carving, stone inverse carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing.

Application Fields

It is suitable for stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, artistic relief, advertising industry, decoration industry, ceramic industry.

Applicable Materials

Marble, granite, headstone, tombstone, jade, ceramics, sandstone, limestone, slate, quartzite, gneiss, travertine, and serpentine, as well as ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo and wood and other materials.


After the appearance of the stone engraving machine, it can be said that it has improved and improved our living standards in many aspects. The product that used to take half a month of labor to make in the past can be completed by a stone engraving machine in one hour today, and the labor cost is greatly reduced. Its appearance makes our interior decoration industry more and more artistic, high-end and large-scale. Such high-precision carving is unimaginable in the era of artificial carving, but now we can easily use a stone carving machine to achieve this demand. The stone engraving machine realizes the mechanization and automatic production of stone carving products and greatly improves the efficiency, which is also a big reason why the stone engraving machine is favored by people. We believe that with the development of science and technology and the advancement of people's understanding, it is an inevitable trend of history that stone engraving machines replace artificial engraving. "Timer processing" allows the operator to know in advance the time used for engraving before engraving. Its calculation is based on the set engraving machine parameters and the time it takes to process the current engraving file. This time does not include the time for tool change and positioning in the middle, and is an estimated value. The engraving parameters that affect "timing processing" include feed rate, tool drop speed, tool drop delay, Z-axis stroke, etc., and are also related to the "priority mode". In the woodworking engraving machine processing time range, customers can also make other work arrangements, which greatly improves the utilization rate of human resources.

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