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300W/500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale

300W/500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale
  • 300W/500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale
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Fiber laser cutting machine 300W/500W for sale with competitive price



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300W/500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is used for cutting steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and other metal materials with higher laser cutting quality, speed, precision and efficiency. Now the fiber laser cutter for sale with affordable price and free fiber laser cutting system service from China professional CNC laser manufacturer.

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Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine advantages:

1. Excellent beam quality : the focused spot smaller cut lines more sophisticated, higher productivity, betterquality and processing.

2. High cutting speed: 2 times faster than the same power CO2 laser cutting machine.

3. High stability: adopts the world's top imported Fiber laser, stable performance, a key component of up to 100,000 hours life.

4. High electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber Laser cutting machine is three times higher than the CO2 laser Electrical and optical conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Low cost: the whole power consumption of only similar CO2 Laser cutting Machine 20-30%.

6. Low maintenance cost: no working gas lasers; optical fiber transmission, withoutreflecting lenses; can save a lot of maintenance costs.

7. Easy operation and maintenance: optical transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.

8. Super flexible light guideeffect: small size, compact structure, easy to flexibleprocessing requirements.

Fiber laser cutting machine applications:

Applied materials:

Fiber Laser cutter machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and other metal materials.

Fiber laser cutting machine applied materials

Applied Industries:

Fiber Laser cutter machine is applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, spaceflight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobile, machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, gifts and crafts, tool processing, adornment, advertising, metal foreign processing, various manufacturing processing industries.

Fiber laser cutting machine applied industries

Fiber laser cutting machine features:

1. Swiss Raytool brand Auto sensor laser cutting head. With Auto sensor system. Make sure cutting steel which is out of shape.Inside laser head, with one one collimating mirror, one focus lens and protect mirror. At the bottom with copper nozzle, diameter mainly with 1.5mm diameter.

Swiss Raytool brand Auto sensor laser cutting head

2. With Cypcut Control system and software with English language, applicable insert files with DXF Or AI format. Drawing in the software is also okay. Software with fly cutting mode for cutting same products for save time. With Nesting function, automatic compose type for saving materials by saving spaces.

Cypcut Control system

3. When laser head cut metals, there will produce some hot energy in laser head and laser source, Water chiller is for cooling the mirrors and cooling the laser source .

Temperature in the water chiller is auto adjustment, mainly set up with 25 degree around.Water in chiller should be pure water.

fiber laser cutting machine water chiller

4. Chinese best brand Raycus laser device: Applicable for cut high reflect materials like aluminum and copper.The photoelectric conversion more than 30%; Working environment: 10-40 degree. Device with air-condition to keep it in normal temperature.

Raycus laser device

5. Gear- rack transmission system which with Taiwan PMI brand rails . X and Y axis Moving speed can be max 80m/min.

Taiwan PMI brand rails

6. Japanese Panasonic drive motors.Match-able with the transmission system, improve cutting speed and precision.

Japanese Panasonic drive motors

7. At the bottom of machine, with collector for saving small cutting pieces. Below collector with wheels, easy push and pull.

Laser cutting machine dust collector

8. Purging system is designed inside the machine bed. So make sure the smoke is absorbed immediately after cutting. Protect the air environment is also very important.

Fiber laser cutting machine Purging system

9. Feeding system with rolls. It is easy to load heavy sheet and metal sheets can be protected by avoiding scratched.

Fiber laser cutting machine feeding system with rolls

10. Gear-rack and guide rails after using some time always need maintained by inject oils to make sure the machine keep moving fluently and in good precision.

Fiber laser cutting maintenance

11. X-axis beam is casting iron structure, it can make sure long time machine bed not out of shape. Work stable is very important for the machine performance after long time using.

Fiber laser cutting machine casting iron structure

12. Auto feeding system Rotary Attachment for choose.

This rotary part is to cut metal pipes located beside of machine, machine body with long X-axis design, after cutting plate, laser head directly move to this rotary part to cut pipes. Max load 3m length(option 6m) square tube or round pipes. Diameter from 30mm-200mm.

Rotary is with Taiwan HIWIN gear rack transmission system, with auto oil injection system, keep the guide rail in good working performance every day.

Fiber laser cutting machine with rotary device

300W/500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine fine cutting capacity:

Laser power

Fine cutting thickness


2mm stainless steel

3mm carbon steel


4mm stainless steel

6mm carbon steel

Technical parameters of 300W/500W Fiber laser cutting machine:

Laser Power300W/500W
Laser SourceRaycus
Laser TypeFiber Laser
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser Beam quality<0.373mrad
Working TableSawtooth
Fiber Laser cutting headRaytool
Focus lensRaytool
Motors&DriversYaskawa servo motor made in Japan
Reducer3 sets from France
Guide RailsHigh accuracy PMI brand from Taiwan
Transmit systemDual Rack & Pinion type
Rack systemHerion rack made in Germany
Water ChillerTEYU( S&A) brand, CW6000
Control systemProfessional laser control system--Cypcut
Position typeRed Dot
Max. Idle Running Speed1400mm/s
Cutting Speed
Position Accuracy±0.05mm/m
Position Speed20m/min
Min. Line Width±0.02mm
Power Consumption≤12KW
Auxiliary Gas for cuttingOxygen, Nitrogen
Compatible softwareAutocad, Coreldraw, etc
Graphic formatNc
Working methodPC control
Total power protection ratingIP54
Machine weight3000KG
Warranty timeWhole machine for 2 years

300W/500W Fiber laser cutting machine projects:

fiber laser cutting machine for metal projects

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine project

Fiber laser cutting projects for metal

300W/500W Fiber laser cutting machine package:

1. Our wooden case is after fumigation treatment. Needn’t timber inspection, saving shipping time.

2. All the Spare parts of the machine were covered by some soft materials,mainly using pearl wool.Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process. Then we’ll covered plastic wrap out it tightly,make sure intact of the covered soft materials, also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.

3. The outmost is wooden case with fixed formwork.

4. The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack, convenient to Handling and transport.

Pre-sale service :

1. Free sample cutting

For free sample cutting/testing, please send us your CAD file, we will do cutting here and make video to show you the cutting, or send sample to you check cutting quality.

2. Customized machine design

According to customer's application, we may revise our machine accordingly for customer's convenience and high production efficiency.

After-sale service:

1. Machine will be supplied with training video and user's manual in English for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and shall give technical guide by e-mail, fax, telephone, skype, whatsapp, etc for fast solution. We can offer technician go to customer's site for oversea service, customer shall cover visa, ticket, local living cost.

2. Customer may come to our factory for training. We will offer training of installation, operation, machine trouble-shooting, and maintenance. During training in our workshop, we offer free training and living cost for 7 days, limit 2 people.

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