What Are Limit Switches Of CNC Routers Used For?

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What Are Limit Switches Of CNC Routers Used For?

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CNC router limit switch

Limit switch is one of the most common accessories of CNC router, a small part, but the function is great. Many customers don't know how the limit swith work, and some customer may inadvertently touch the limit switch to make the machine work wrong. Limit switch is mounted on a relatively stationary objects or moving objects, when an moving object approaching the stationary, the switch breaking or disconnection.

The limit switch is the origin of the CNC router,it can prevent the working exceeding the range of engraving to produce failure. Therefore, there is two points to lead to the wrong working, customers can analyze and solve depending on the situation arising.

1. The carving path beyond the engraving range:to set the parameters of soft limit switch in the software .

2. The customers in the using of wood cnc router should design a good and reasonable carving range, set the appropriate software parameter; should always check the limit switch is flexible or not.

So the limit switches are one of the indispensable accessories, customers should be more carefully to check the performance of limit switch, in order to avoid fault,fail to reach the limit of the action . The performance level of the limit switch also protects the CNC router from damage caused by the fault.

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