3 Sets STM1625 CNC Router are Ready to Spain


3 Sets STM1625 CNC Router are Ready to Spain

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3 sets STM1625 CNC routers have been finished and ready to be sent to Spain. The customer bought this CNC machine for wood furniture production in Spain.

The CNC router is Model STM1625 with working area 1600*2500*200mm.

The CNC router machine adopts strong welded tubular steel frame to keep lathe bed of CNC router machine in shape. The Y axis of our CNC router is equipped with double motors to keep stable moving. Humanized design of lathe bed vacuum make the CNC router easy to operate. Intelligent protecting system that protect CNC router machine from damages resulted from false operation.

The CNC router is widely used for single lines, milling, 3D cutting and engraving in furniture processing industry, woodworking decoration, wood art work, home decoration and doors manufacturing.

3 Sets STM1625 CNC Router are ready to Spain

STM1625 CNC Router

STM1625 CNC Router in Spain

3 Sets STM1625 CNC Router are Ready to Spain
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