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Last Updated on Mar 07, 2022 by 3 Min Read

New Opportunity in Stone Fabrication with CNC Machines

stone engraving machine

In the stone production process, it requires a lot of stone CNC machines and tools. In addition, around the stone production process as well as related auxiliary craft, they use machinery, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials, equipment, constitute the entire production process of stone all machinery.

Various types of stone machine production division of the process of stone.

Stone machine, tools, auxiliary materials species, there are many kinds of specifications, according to the production process of stone to divide, classify, can more clearly understand the whole process of production of the stone, which should be part of the process which the use of machinery, which species in the production of machinery which links work. Stone production process according to the division of the type of machinery, but also a convenient mode of modern management.

Stone by Stone machine of various types of division of the production process and examples.

Decorative stone production process required, for example machinery and equipment.

Exploration and mine design stage geological drilling rigs, land rigs, radiation detector, the sample analyzer, crack stones and other stone mining stage drills, diamond wire saw, the mast crane, the top stone, crane, excavator, chain push the machine, empty press, chain saws and other arms.

Stone fabrication stage.

Sand saws, circular saws, frame saws, mills, shaped machine, wipe melter, sheet metal processing lines, synthetic stone lines, stone tools and other diamond decoration design CAD software, digital cameras, computers, scanners, laser scribing instrument.

Stone decoration stage.

Wall saws, washing machine, refurbished machines, chemical anchors, stem pendant, actinomycetes detection instrument, such as stone stage presses, radioactivity detector, caliper, steel ruler, wearable device and other stone maintenance and protection of stone refurbished machines, washing machines , suction machine, gloss tester utilization and other stone synthetic stone production lines, filters, water purification machines, stamping machine stone, brick and other stone Stone machine classification other classification method.

Except for the type of Stone machine division of the production process, there are also divided according to their process. Such as cutting machine, cutting stone wool board, site renovation, will be used to detect when fitted with diamond segments (or edging) circular saw blades cutting machine, another example of drilling rigs, mine sampling, processing drilling, decoration, art It will spend different types of drilling rigs and other products when carving.

Of course there are divided according to the use of materials, such as diamond, cubic boron nitride as the abrasive made of stone processing tools collectively known as super-hard materials tools; use of stone debris produced synthesis apparatus called superhard materials tools; use of stone and scrap production of synthetic stone equipment called synthetic stone production lines.

Stone CNC machine as also in other industries as machinery is undergoing rapid change, today, in many types of Stone machine have more progress than in the past: such as the processing of granite sand saws, has grown to be processed 7 wide, while standard clamping four blocks, with 230 blade, 24-Hour processed 3500 m2 efficiency models, mining granite wire saw and diamond wire technology has matured in volume to enter the mine, shaped stone processing equipment to the diversified, multi-model direction, promoting the use of stone processing center with a variety of tools for innovative products provide the means. Release and application of stone CAD design software for stone decoration provides a variety of form and pattern, stone thin, large equipment have also been developed to make the new product more suitable for decoration and size requirements, the new, convenient stone decoration machinery, tools are more widely used in the decoration field, stone cleaning, protection, adhesive chemical mechanical stone become new areas of application, artificial and synthetic stone production equipment has been achieved domestically, and promote the use of resources, but also promote the use of artificial and synthetic stone in the field of development.

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