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An affordable CNC wood lathe with high quality

Michael Yauger from America

Publish: Modify: Apr 13, 2018Author: Views: 269From: STYLECNC
I love this CNC wood lathe. I purchased this over a year ago, and it is still running strong. I recommend this to everyone looking for a quality, and affordable CNC wood lathe.

This is my first CNC wood lathe, so I can't really do any meaningful comparison. What I can say is that it exceeded my expectations. The lathe seems very nice and I'm not having any problem getting 0.01mm or better accuracy when under load. Instructions / software is included on a CD. Instructions are adequate and the software basic. I'm using the light version of Eagle for board design not the software that came with it. Once I convert that to gcode, I am using the JDpaint software that came with it for CNC control. Again basic but adequate. This is an excellent machine at a very affordable price. Be prepared to do a little trouble shooting when it arrives. STYLECNC was very prompt and professional in helping to get everything in order.

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