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2022 Best Small CNC Router Machine for PCB Milling
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2022 Best Small CNC Router Machine for PCB Milling - Video Description

This video will show you STM6090 small CNC router machine for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) milling with high precision and high speed, which will be the best guide to buy affordable PCB CNC machines. ...Read More Video Intros

What is PCB?

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a thin board made of glass fiber, composite epoxy resin or other laminate materials. The small CNC router machine can mill conductive paths onto the PCB board, connecting different components on the PCB, such as transistors, resistors and integrated circuits.

How to Make PCB?

There are a total of 8 processes in PCB making: inner layer, pressing, drilling, electroplating, outer layer, solder mask, processing, and testing.

In the traditional sense, the process of making PCB boards adopts the method of chemical corrosion, which is only suitable for mass production, and has long production cycle, high cost, and great damage to the environment. However, in real work, a large part of PCB boards do not need mass production, and are often produced in small batches or even very small batches. In a specific environment, such as a school, students and teachers need extremely small batch production when doing design, competition, scientific research and other projects. So, the PCB CNC machine with high efficiency and low cost has good practical significance.

What is PCB CNC Machine and How Does it Work?

PCB CNC machine adopts mechanical processing to realize the production of PCB circuit boards, and is a cost-effective PCB circuit board manufacturing equipment. The system has a series of processing capabilities such as drilling, pattern milling, through milling, etc. It can be used to produce various types of single-sided, medium and high-density double-sided, multi-layer board drilling and graphics processing, with high flexibility, high precision, environmental friendliness, etc. Features, suitable for rapid production of sample circuit boards and small batch, multi-variety PCB production. In addition, by upgrading the spindle motor, tool and driving capability of the system, it can be applied to different industries to face a variety of processing objects, such as acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, wood, stone, imitation stone , metal, aluminum composite panel.

How Many Types of PCB CNC Routers?

The small CNC router machine for PCB with 2.2KW water-cooling spindle. The ballscrew trnasmission make the milling with higher precision. For the PCB CNC routers, STYLECNC have different table sizes for choose, such as desktop types of STG6090 and STM6090 with 600*900mm table size, benchtop types of STG6012 and STM6012 with 600*1200mm table size, hobby types of STM1212 with 1200*1200mm, and STG1224 with 1200*2400mm table size, commercial types of STM1325 with 1300*2500mm table size, industrial types of STM1530 with 1500*3000mm, and STM2040 with 2000*4000mm table size. In addition to ordinary CNC machines, we also have multi head and multi spindle types, smart ATC types with automatic tool changer for PCB milling.

How Much Do PCB CNC Machines Cost?

The cheapest PCB CNC machine is the small desktop types with DSP controller and 2' x 3' table size, which has a price range from $2,580 to $3,680. Most of beginners will get into one at an affordable price point.

The most common used PCB CNC machines are priced from $3,980 (depending upon your budget), which features with Mach3 CNC controller, and CAD/CAM software.

The most expensive PCB CNC machine is the ATC types with automatic tool changer, which has a base price of $13,800 and can be optioned to $23,800, which is a bit on the upper end. Of course, that $23,800 price tag not includes the shipping cost and tax.

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