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How to Setup & Use CNC Router and Laser Machine Combo?
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Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Jimmy (2610 Views)

How to Setup & Use CNC Router and Laser Machine Combo? - Video Description

The video shows how to setup and use CNC router machine and CO2 laser machine combo, which is a multifunctional CNC machine with abilities of CNC routing, laser engraving, and laser cutting. ...Read More Video Intros

How to Setup and Use CNC Router Machine and CO2 Laser Machine Combo?

Video Index:

00:00:00,000 - 00:00:03,000

Hello everyone.

00:00:03,000 - 00:00:09,089

Let's demonstrate how to setup and use CNC router machine and CO2 laser machine combo?

00:00:13,151 - 00:01:39,412

Check all the accessories with the CNC router laser machine:

a. Two low-power water pumps: One is used for spindle cooling and the other is for laser tube cooling.

b. One high-power water pump is used for tool cooling.

c. One small air pump is used to blow the nozzle when laser engraving and cutting.

d. One laser tube, check the package, contact us for exchanging in time when it is damaged.

e. The tool box includes CNC router controller (DSP), tool sensor, user manual, allen wrench, spare limit switch, different types of tool holders, spindle wrench, and material pressure plate.

00:01:52,185 - 00:02:00,047

Assemble the drag chain on the side (it was removed because of the delivery requirements).

00:02:22,457 - 00:02:25,378

Bracket for fixing the chain.

00:02:52,983 - 00:02:56,289

Connect the chain to the top.

00:03:18,043 - 00:03:22,766

Take out the laser tube and assemble it on the bracket.

00:03:45,987 - 00:03:50,609

Check if the laser tube outlet is clean.

00:03:53,257 - 00:03:58,284

Point the light exit of the laser tube toward the reflector.

00:04:18,488 - 00:04:24,933

The distance between the laser tube and the mirror is about 100-200mm.

00:04:40,054 - 00:04:48,422

Connect the cooling water pipe.

Dip the hose with lubricant or water and fully connect the hose to the interface.

00:04:52,204 - 00:04:58,516

Then turn the laser tube so that the water inlet is downward and the water outlet is upward.

00:05:07,999 - 00:05:12,621

Put a soft sponge into the bracket and fix the laser tube.

00:05:31,083 - 00:05:40,767

Connect the high-voltage line of the laser power supply to the high-voltage end of the laser tube. (Position of water inlet)

00:05:54,319 - 00:05:58,536

After tightening, assemble the rubber cover.

00:06:06,318 - 00:06:11,041

Assemble the low voltage line at the laser exit position.

00:06:31,529 - 00:06:38,784

After the laser is assembled and fixed.

Assemble the overall protective cover.

00:08:24,624 - 00:08:28,639

Assemble DSP controller and tool sensor.

00:08:49,531 - 00:08:53,951

Enter the signal wire from the right side of the control box.

00:09:01,174 - 00:09:04,075

Insert the port and fix.

00:09:21,222 - 00:09:25,540

Assemble the controller and tighten the fixing screws.

00:09:37,827 - 00:09:44,373

Assemble the cooling water pump of the spindle and the cooling water pump of the laser tube.

00:10:13,162 - 00:10:17,683

Water pipe connector connecting water pump outlet.

00:10:28,248 - 00:10:31,959

Put it in a water container with clean water.

00:10:39,993 - 00:10:47,263

A group of red water pipes. It connects the water inlet and outlet of the main shaft.

00:10:47,263 - 00:10:55,834

Connect one of the water pipes to the water pump.

It does not distinguish between water inlet and outlet.

00:10:56,395 - 00:11:01,625

Put the other in the water tank.

00:11:02,572 - 00:11:07,802

Use another water pump to connect the water pipe of the laser tube.

00:11:10,469 - 00:11:16,813

The water pipe of the laser tube distinguishes the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe.

00:11:17,237 - 00:11:24,796

If the water pipe is assembled in reverse.

The laser tube will not work.

00:11:35,478 - 00:11:40,202

There is a power socket for the water pump on the left side of the CNC router laser machine.

00:11:50,046 - 00:11:57,605

Assemble a high-power water pump.

The function is to cool the tool when cutting or engraving stone.

00:12:20,027 - 00:12:22,771

Put it in the sink at the end of the CNC machine.

00:12:31,221 - 00:12:37,475

Connect that thick water pipe to the big water pump.

Only one thick water pipe.

00:12:38,331 - 00:12:42,155

When carving or cutting stone, turn on this pump.

00:12:57,512 - 00:13:01,201

Connect the corresponding power supply to the machine.

00:13:10,955 - 00:13:19,325

The machine is divided into 380 volts. L L L N, three hot wires and a neutral wire.

00:13:24,309 - 00:13:38,978

220 volts. L N, a hot wire and a neutral wire.

(Note that it is not 110V L N. This machine does not support 110V voltage).

00:13:47,079 - 00:13:52,838

And three 220 volts, L L L, three hot wires.

00:14:07,300 - 00:14:10,584

Turn clockwise to release E-stop

00:14:15,619 - 00:14:18,215

On the left is the machine power switch.

00:14:19,444 - 00:14:24,387

When the second switch points to the left, it is in CNC router mode.

00:14:25,159 - 00:14:28,527

When the switch points to the right, it is in laser mode.

00:14:29,704 - 00:14:35,952

We first point to the CNC router mode. Then turn on the machine.

00:14:39,945 - 00:14:45,119

After the controller starts. Press the "Cancel" button first.

00:14:45,839 - 00:14:53,347

Enter "Menu" "Machine Setup" "Pulse".

Check whether the XYZ axis pulse is correct.

00:14:53,811 - 00:14:56,684

The pulse parameters here are correct.

00:14:57,449 - 00:15:05,511

If the pulse of XYZ axis is 400.

Please contact the engineer to modify the parameters.

00:15:07,213 - 00:15:11,720

Now we press the "Cancel" button to return to the main interface.

00:15:12,658 - 00:15:17,165

Press the "HOME" button to return the machine to its mechanical origin.

00:15:21,208 - 00:15:25,715

The machine will automatically return to the lower left corner of the desktop.

00:15:36,665 - 00:15:41,172

Then you can press XYZ+- to control the moving direction of the machine.

00:15:52,954 - 00:15:58,954

After the machine can move normally.

Move the X axis to the far left.

00:16:16,218 - 00:16:20,792

Point the switch to the right. Turn on laser mode.

00:16:31,878 - 00:16:37,071

The machine will automatically move to the upper right corner of the desktop.

00:17:00,159 - 00:17:04,461

Then return to the starting position of the last laser work.

00:17:23,345 - 00:17:27,558

Move the position of the laser head through the laser controller.

00:17:48,848 - 00:17:53,738

Confirm that the cooling water of the laser tube circulates normally.

00:18:14,373 - 00:18:16,776

Power on the small air pump.

00:18:29,874 - 00:18:33,582

Connect the air outlet to the laser head position.

00:18:44,443 - 00:18:47,438

Use acrylic for light path adjustment.

00:18:56,745 - 00:18:59,918

Fix the acrylic on the first reflector.

00:19:09,502 - 00:19:12,497

Press the "Pulse" button on the controller.

00:19:28,865 - 00:19:32,929

Check whether the laser is shining on the center of the mirror.

00:19:45,039 - 00:19:46,697

Test the second mirror.

00:20:13,970 - 00:20:18,301

Confirm that the laser illuminates the center of the second mirror.

00:20:29,233 - 00:20:39,891

If the laser does not illuminate the center of the second mirror.

Adjust the screw of the first mirror to let the laser illuminate the center of the second mirror.

00:20:47,002 - 00:20:51,206

Adjust the upper reflector of the laser head.

00:21:05,454 - 00:21:10,974

First then the laser head to the far right of the machine. (Near the second mirror)

00:21:20,034 - 00:21:23,692

Press "Pulse".

Burn a spot.

00:21:32,335 - 00:21:37,746

Move the laser head to the far left.

Away from the second mirror.

00:21:42,825 - 00:21:46,660

Press "Pulse".

Burn another spot.

00:21:50,581 - 00:21:53,894

If the two shots are not in the same position.

00:22:04,943 - 00:22:07,989

Adjust the screw of the second mirror.

00:22:22,680 - 00:22:24,835

Fire test again.

00:22:39,993 - 00:22:47,027

Similarly, first move the laser head to the right side of the machine.

Press "Pulse".

00:22:53,661 - 00:22:59,380

Then move the laser head to the left side of the machine again.

Press "Pulse".

00:23:31,932 - 00:23:35,067

Only put two shots in the same position.

00:23:48,334 - 00:23:55,657

The laser must be irradiated at the same position twice.

Complete the laser setup here.

00:24:32,073 - 00:24:34,315

Then adjust the laser at the nozzle.

00:24:44,385 - 00:24:48,100

Use tape to stick to the nozzle.

Press "Pulse".

00:24:58,954 - 00:25:01,911

Check whether the hole is in the center of the nozzle.

00:25:23,784 - 00:25:27,751

Adjust the screw of the third mirror.

00:25:28,374 - 00:25:41,667

Test again

00:26:25,064 - 00:26:31,673

Until the laser shot from the center of the nozzle.

Complete the laser path setting.

00:26:45,549 - 00:26:47,672

Test laser engraving.

00:27:02,196 - 00:27:06,209

Use the USB cable to connect the machine to the computer.

00:28:09,854 - 00:28:15,038

Install laser control software - RDWorks V8.

00:28:44,385 - 00:28:47,457

First install the USB driver.

00:29:09,764 - 00:29:17,291

Then select the position where the laser head returns to the origin.

This machine is on the top right.

00:29:22,363 - 00:29:23,510

Click "Install".

00:29:25,648 - 00:29:26,427

Click "Exit".

00:29:38,878 - 00:29:41,042

Open the laser software "RDworks V8"

00:29:49,812 - 00:29:54,115

In "USER". "Read" the parameters in the machine.

00:30:03,807 - 00:30:12,743

If it cannot be read. Check whether the USB cable is connected correctly or whether the laser controller is turned on.

00:30:19,556 - 00:30:25,284

Then enter the vendor settings.

The password is "rd8888".

00:30:27,071 - 00:30:29,324

Read all settings in the machine

00:30:47,995 - 00:30:56,575

Then in the system settings. Set the location of the home and the position of the laser head. Upper right.

00:31:09,361 - 00:31:13,799

Enter text or a graphic. Adjust its size

00:31:35,910 - 00:31:41,562

Double-click it. Set the speed, sweep, power, and Interval.

00:31:59,353 - 00:32:04,190

click to download". Transfer files to the machine.

00:32:09,295 - 00:32:12,350

Move the laser head to the position to be engraved.

00:32:21,948 - 00:32:29,013

Press the "Origin" key on the control.

Set the current position as the starting position of the work.

00:32:31,325 - 00:32:34,380

Press "Frame" to check the size of the engraving.

00:32:44,995 - 00:32:52,388

Keep the nozzle about 10mm away from the material.

This is the focal length of the laser.

00:33:08,720 - 00:33:10,856

Press "Start" on the controller.

00:34:04,530 - 00:34:06,844

Switch CNC router mode.

00:34:19,895 - 00:34:22,209

Move the laser to the far right.

00:34:30,967 - 00:34:33,014

Remove the air pump.

00:34:42,716 - 00:34:44,941

Point the switch to the left.

00:34:55,935 - 00:35:01,368

All axes return to the mechanical origin.

All axes home.

00:35:30,618 - 00:35:34,625

Use the pressure plate to fix the material to be engraved.

00:36:33,659 - 00:36:36,419

Fix the tool to the spindle.

00:37:18,737 - 00:37:24,972

Move the tool to the position where you need to start engraving.

00:37:40,993 - 00:37:47,851

Press "XY-0" on the controller. Set the working origin of XY axis.

00:37:53,307 - 00:37:58,773

Slowly move the Z axis (tool) to the surface of the material.

00:38:01,668 - 00:38:05,396

Press "Z-0" to set the working origin of Z axis.

00:38:05,396 - 00:38:12,682

The working position of the Z axis can also be automatically set using the tool sensor.

00:38:14,999 - 00:38:24,602

Place the tool sensor on top of the material to be engraved.

Simultaneously press "Menu and ON/OFF" on the controller.

00:38:46,180 - 00:38:53,734

When the tool touches the tool sensor, it automatically rises. Measurement completed

00:39:01,884 - 00:39:04,626

Then you can run the laser engraving file.

00:39:15,215 - 00:39:20,274

When carving stone. Turn on the tool cooling water pump.

00:40:04,363 - 00:40:10,669

After the laser adjustment is completed. Assemble the protective cover on the right.

00:40:39,848 - 00:40:45,123

The assembly is complete.

Thanks for watching.

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