3D CNC Router for Wood Stairs
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3D CNC Router for Wood Stairs - Video Description

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3D Wood Stairs CNC Router Features

1. The fuselage is welded with industrial steel pipes, box-type structure, strong rigidity, large load capacity, the instrument eliminates welding stress, and runs more smoothly at high speed.

2. The guide rail and the rack is made of extra-thick steel plate, which is processed by a precision planer and milling machine to ensure parallelism and verticality.

3. The core parts are all cast and tempered to ensure both rigidity and precision.

4. XYZ adopts fully imported screw rod or high-precision rack structure, and imported linear guide rails with higher precision.

5. Structural design by professional team, reasonable structure and generous appearance.

6. The XYZ three-axis are all equipped with high-quality protective covers, which can effectively prevent dust from entering and protect the transmission parts for a long time.

7. Drive motors, spindle motors, drivers, cables, etc. are all made of high-quality accessories.

8. High-precision, high-torque, reverse zero-backlash professional gearbox ensures engraving accuracy.

9. Equipped with professional CNC control system, compatible with TYPE3, ARTCAM, UG, PRO-E, MASTERCAM and more CAM software.

3D Wood Stairs CNC Router Applications

Cylinder 3D sculpture: relief sculptures of various cylinders, stair handrails, crutches, table and chair legs, tea trays and irregular objects, human bodies, head portraits, Buddha statues and other figures.

Flat carving: antique furniture relief carving, solid wood carving, handicraft carving, woodworking engraving, furniture manufacturing, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden handicrafts and other industries.

Personalized Preparation

Larger format and special format models. Optional imported spindle, servo, automatic oiling, 6~12 spindle round carving and other configurations.

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