CNC Foam Router for EPS Mold Milling and Cutting

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CNC Foam Router for EPS Mold Milling and Cutting

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CNC Foam Router for EPS Mold Milling and Cutting
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CNC Foam Router for EPS Mold Milling and Cutting

CNC foam router features

1. Intelligent one-cut milling to clean the bed guide rail, rack mounting surface, and positioning pin hole, free of manual labor, and ensure the basic accuracy of the machined workpiece

2. Using Syntec control system and pulse handwheel, the control is accurate and the response is timely, which can meet the needs of most wood mold processing customers.

3. The equipment adopts an integral steel plate table top, and a T-shaped groove is cut with a plasma cutting machine, and the steel plate is laid on it, which is convenient for the foam to be clamped by a magnet.

4. The Z-axis servo motor has a brake function, which automatically electromagnetically brakes after power off, preventing the Z-axis from falling due to its own gravity and improving the safety of machine operation.

5. The CNC foam router is assembled in the whole process, and each step has a process quality inspection. The most experienced master can guarantee the qualification of each step of the assembly.

6. Planetary reducer transmission has the advantages of small clearance and quick start and stop compared with belt transmission.

7. The electric control cabinet is equipped with an automatic heat dissipation system, which can effectively cool down the electric components and is suitable for long-time work.

CNC foam router applicable industries

1. Mold industry: large non-metallic molds can be processed, especially suitable for CNC machining of various styrofoam foam, lost foam, wood mold, glass fiber reinforced plastic, spiral mold in industries such as automobile foam, ship, aviation, aircraft and other industries.

2. Ceramic sanitary ware industry: gypsum mold processing, all kinds of gypsum products processing.

CNC foam cutter applied materials

1. EPS (any kind of foam).

2. Wood, MDF.

3. Plastics.

4. Aluminum.

5. Acrylic and much more.

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