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3 Axis Fiber Laser Marking Machine for 3D Relief Deep Engraving on Copper

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3 Axis Fiber Laser Marking Machine for 3D Relief Deep Engraving on Copper

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This is a video of STJ-30F-3D fiber laser marking machine for 3D relief deep engraving on copper with Germany IPG laser source, it can be used for curved surface marking, 3D relief, deep engraving, etc.

2000W Fiber Laser Cutter for Copper & Reflective Metals
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3 Axis Fiber Laser Marking Machine for 3D Relief Deep Engraving on Copper

3D Dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine

3 axis fiber laser marking machine is a type of 3D laser marking system with fiber laser generator that adopts digital three axis dynamic focusing technology, arbitrary zoom, real-time control, equipped with high-performance fiber laser, and a thick marble table, which makes the performance of the whole machine stable, fast marking speed, and fine marking effect.

3D laser marking is a laser surface depression processing method. Compared with traditional 2D laser marking, 3D laser marking machine has greatly reduced the surface flatness requirements of the processed object, and the processing effect is more colorful.

3D laser marking machine can quickly mark uneven surfaces and irregular shapes by laser, which not only improves the processing efficiency, but also meets the individual needs of current processing.

Laser deep engraving machine has a deep focus ability, so it can realize deep engraving, and it is generally used for engraving molds, seals, etc. The depth of engraving is related to factors such as the absorption of the laser by the engraved material, the power of the laser, and the action time of the laser on the engraved material. Deep engraving usually requires a longer action time.

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