Jeans Laser Engraving Machine with CO2 Glass Laser Tube

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Jeans Laser Engraving Machine with CO2 Glass Laser Tube

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Jeans Laser Engraving Machine with CO2 Glass Laser Tube
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Jeans Laser Engraving Machine with CO2 Glass Laser Tube

In the laser industry, once compared laser to the "fast knife" and "precision ruler". Especially in the field of clothing, it has begun to show its magical powers. In the denim series, laser-engraved markings and polished watermarks are even more affected. Favored by consumers all over the world. A pair of jeans was placed on the lathe, and the orientation was determined, only a white light flashed across, making a sizzling noise, and the process of machine printing could soon be completed.

Laser engraving uses laser beam to etch the product. Compared with the traditional technology, it has no shortcomings. The speed is 10 times that of the previous operation. Then the labor cost is greatly saved, and the processed process has the slightest effect. Not inferior to traditional craftsmanship.

Denim printing is a lucrative processing project, which is suitable for garment factories, denim garment factories, some enterprises and individual private companies.

Laser denim engraving machine is composed of an original carbon dioxide laser and a dynamic focusing system. It can arbitrarily engrave flower shapes and patterns on denim fabrics to form the function of washing and polishing. In fact, it is relatively simple to operate. Any picture can be used for carving after very little processing. Compared with the previous equipment, this equipment has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, and pollution-free.

The size of the laser engraving format can be adjusted actively, through the computer numerical control command, laser irradiation, and then various non-fading graphics on various denim fabrics, cat whiskers and watermark polishing.

Laser printing is a kind of laser engraving. It provides a lot of imagination in clothing design. The application of this skill in the clothing profession satisfies the requirements of a wide range of consumers for clothing, and then improves the aesthetic point of view and quality of clothing. The pursuit of requirements and individual trends. The denim fabric itself is flexible, and the denim laser printing process, which is just combined with the characteristics of the denim fabric, can achieve the advantage of being seamless without clothes.

The jeans laser engraving machine is suitable for the majority of non-metal materials, such as wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, glass, construction ceramics, organic materials, PMMA sheet, plastic, rubber, and so on.

The jeans laser engraving machine is extensively used in medicine, food and beverage packaging industries, textile industry, handicraft supplying industry, printing industry and manufacturing industries for electronic components, communication products, watches, and glass products.

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