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How To Operate A Laser Engraving Machine?

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How to use a laser engraver is a concern of many customers. When the laser engraving system is working, it is very dangerous if it breaks down, and novices must be trained by professionals to operate independently. Today, let's understand the step-by-step guide to operating a CO2 laser engraving machine.

What Is A Laser Engraver And How Does It Work?

Laser engraving machine is an automatic printer that uses laser beam to etch metal, wood, plywood, MDF, leather, fabric, plastic, glass, and crystal. Laser engraving means that a laser beam is irradiated on the material with a light guide focusing system, the material is removed within a certain range, and the unirradiated material is retained. It is different from mechanical engraving and other traditional hand engraving methods. It is also known a laser etching machine or a laser etcher. With the higher laser power, it is also named as a laser cutter.

Laser engravers feature with high energy density, strong operability, smooth edge, no burr, no polishing, no noise, no dust, high speed, high precision, less waste, and high efficiency. 

According to the different laser sources, it can be divided into CO2 laser, fiber laser, and UV laser engraving systems.

How To Inspect A Laser Engraver Before Starting?

1. Check whether the power supply is normal, whether the cooling water tank is full of deionized water, and whether the circulating water pump and the inlet and outlet pipes are normal.

2. Check that the emergency stop button of the laser is not pressed, and that there are no debris on the upper and inside of the machine.

3. Check whether the lens is clean. If there is dirt, it must be cleaned before use.

4. Check the mechanical part to confirm that there is no debris on the working table.

5. Check whether the electromagnetic air pump works normally.

How To Operate A Laser Engraving Machine?

We have summarized 9 easy-to follow operating steps for you on how to use a laser engraver in a right way.

Step 1. Turn on the main power switch and the control power switch of the machine. After the system self-check is completed, each axis returns to the reference point.

Step 2. Turn on the power of the control cabinet, turn on the circulating water pump, and confirm that there is water flowing out of the water outlet. Start the chiller and check the water temperature and pressure (normal water pressure is 5bar). Three minutes after the chiller is powered on, the compressor starts, the fan rotates, and cooling begins.

Step 3. Start the air compressor and the dryer. After the chiller drops to the set temperature (set to 21 degrees), turn on the main power of the laser.

Step 4. Insert the laser power key into the key hole, turn the key clockwise to turn on the power, and wait for the system to be ready (about 30 seconds).

Step 5. When the word "READY" appears on the control panel, apply high voltage.

Step 6. Confirm the material type, material thickness and material size before etching. Lay out the material to be engraved on the workbench.

Step 7. Adjust the height of the laser head with a standard ruler, and adjust the plate so that the edge is parallel to the X and Y axes of the machine to prevent the engraving head from working outside the plate range.

Step 8. Move the Z axis to the starting point of etching, simulate the program to be executed, ensure that there will be no soft limit alarm, enter the editing mode, and adjust the power, speed, punching time type and thickness according to the material.

By adjusting the laser power, the energy of the laser output can be controlled. For laser etching, the higher the power, the darker the engraved color. For laser cutting, the higher the power, the greater the cut depth, and the more serious the scorching of the cutting edge.

Only when the laser power of sufficient intensity is used can the effect of clear engraving, marking or cutting through can be achieved. However, the power should not be too high, and adjusting the appropriate power level is very important for the effect of etching, marking, printing, and cutting.

Step 9. After the above items are normal, you can switch to the execution state, and start to engrave your project.

How To Turn Off A Laser Engraver Machine?

1. After the engraving is completed, the prompt bell rings, open the cabin cover, and take out the engraved items.

2. Turn the key counterclockwise to turn off the laser, and turn off the circulating water pump after 1 minute.

3. Clean up etching residues in the machine.

4. Power off the control panel.

5. Turn off the air dryer and air compressor.


1. Strictly follow the operation sequence to open and close.

2. Unqualified personnel are prohibited from operating and repairing the machine.

3. During the working process of the laser machine, it is strictly forbidden to enter the workbench to ensure the safety of human and machine. The operator must take care and prepare for dangerous situations, push the Emergency Stop Button (E-Stop) when necessary as soon as possible.

4. The adjustment of the optical path of the laser etching system and the adjustment of the laser head in the follow-up mode must be carried out in the correct order of operation to ensure the safety of human and machine.

5. You should start engraving and cutting from the reference point, calibrate the nozzle, clean the focus mirror, open the auxiliary gas with the pressure less than 1Mpa.


Whether you are a novice or a professional, it is necessary to learn how to operate a laser engraving machine, but you must follow the rules of safe operation to avoid accidents. In the use and maintenance, it is necessary to master the methods and skills, so that the machine can play its role more stably.

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