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Stone CNC Machining Center for Cutting and Polishing

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CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing

Model: STS3113
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Standard Price: $20000.00 / Set
Price Range: $20000.00 to $40000.00 / Set According to Configurations
The final price will fluctuate according to the configurations of Stone CNC Machining Center for Cutting and Polishing
Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Product Introduction

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Stone CNC machining center is suitable for cutting and polishing natural marble, granite, quartz, bluestone, tombstone, headstone, etc. Now the best stone CNC machine for sale with affordable price.

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Product Descriptions

Stone CNC Machining Center

Features of Stone CNC machining center:

1. Vacuum adsorption table design, feeding is convenient and quick.

2. High-power spindle motor is more suitable for cutting.

3. The stone CNC machine is more stable, more durable, effectively reducing the equipment in high-speed operation, the spindle jitter, broken knife, dislocation and so on.

4. A unique filter tank, water circulation system, effectively extending the service life of the sink.

5. Automatic oiling system, maintenance and more convenient.

6. Three shaft all dustproof and waterproof design.

7. Top brand spindle to ensure that the stone CNC machine in the high-speed operation, the output torque capacity unchanged, the spindle wear, high temperature.

8. All institutions of the stone CNC machine are made of precision parts assembled.

Technical Parameters of Stone CNC Machining Center:



Working Area


Lathe Bed

Thick steel weld


Steel board+Aluminum board

Guide Rail

35mm Taiwan Square Rail

X/Y Axis Transmission

Imported Rack Gears

Z Axis Transmission

Imported Ball Screw


BT40 ATC 5.5 kw spindle

Spindle speed


Running speed


Feeding speed


Fast feeding speed

X/Y: 15000mm/min Z: 6000mm/min

Working accuracy


Reposition accuracy


Maximum processing thickness



Japanese servo motor


Servo driver


Brand from Taiwan

Way of fixing Workpiece

Scuction Cup

vacuum pump

5.5kw water-cooling


8 sets Vertical-type ATC system


Air Cylinder

Control system

SYNTEC control system

Engraving Command

G code, PLT, HPGL2D, 3D

Software compatability

Origin UCANCAM software

Switch and emergency stop

The best one in China

Working voltage




Applications of Stone CNC Machining Center:

Quartz stone cabinet countertops processing, stone side modeling, arc retaining water grinding, basin pots, stone relief, hollow, line carving.

Granite, marble, bluestone, tombstone, headstone and other stone materials processing.

Detail Pictures of Stone CNC Machining Center:

Stone CNC Machining Center for cutting and polishing

Stone CNC Machining Center for cutting and polishing

YASKAWA servo motor of Stone CNC Machining Center

heavy machine body of Stone CNC Machining Center

Hiwin guide rail of Stone CNC Machining Center

Parts of Stone CNC Machining Center

Projects of Stone CNC Machining Center:

Projects of Stone CNC Machining Center

Samples of Stone CNC Machining Center

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