How to Maintain Water Cooling Spindle in Winter?

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Water Cooling Spindle Maintenance in Winter

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water cooling spindle

1. To ensure that the normal work of water cooling system and pump , absolutely we  can not make the water cooling spindle motor water shortages occur.

2. To regularly replace the cooling water, in case of the high temperature, we should ensure that the cooling water clean.

3. The Circulating water should as much as possible, if you work long hours can choose to use a large capacity water tank.

4. Especially in winter,completely drained water in the tank to prevent cracking tanks and pipes. If possible use antifreeze cooling.

Water cycling is the assurance of normal use of water cooling spindle, we must pay attention to the water level, water shortages can not occur, pay more attention to the details of our use of CNC wood router can play a very good protection.

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