CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing

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CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing

Model: STS3216
Type: CNC Machining Center
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Product Introduction

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STS3216 CNC machining center is used for cutting and polishing stone such as cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone countertops, granite, marble and sink.

Demonstration Video

CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing

Product Details

CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing

Features and Advantages of CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing:

1. It’s high efficiency and low cost. For example, it just takes 30 minutes to auto-processing 2.44*0.75m quartz stone board.

2. CNC stone machining center can do many process such as polishing for back splash ,former anomalous edge, cutting and polishing water tap hole through the automatic tools changing.

3. High-precision screw and guide: the use of screw, guide renowned German manufacturer has provided.

4. CNC machining center for stone is researched and developed by our company independently.

5. X, Y axis using the original oil-immersed lubrication. Coupled with effective waterproof, dustproof structure to ensure high precision machining and screw maximize service life of the rail.

6. CNC software: for UncGraphics. NX3.0, Mastercam9.0 other software, set the CAD / CAM as a whole, through digital analysis, design, the product was processed to support procedural pre / igs / scep / dxf / dwp and other documents.

7. Automatic tool changer system: vertical-type ATC system makes the whole process from the hole, cutting, shaping and polishing to a variety of milling processes go, the full realization of a high degree of automation.

8. Tool and abrasive: with a large number of imported and domestic variety of tool and abrasive and shapes, and a variety of processing requirements.

9. CNC stone machining center can also be used for processing washing pool and European background wall. To process high-quality products,this model is a necessary equipment for the well-known brand who process counter-top.

CNC stone machining center spare parts

Technical Parameters of CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing:

ModelSTS3216 / STS3113
X,Y,Z working area3200*1600*500mm / 3100*1300*500mm
Lathe BedThick steel weld
TableSteel board+Aluminum board
XYZ Guide Rail30mm Taiwan Square Rail
X Y TransmissionImported Rack Gears
Z TransmissionImported Ball Screw
Spindle5.5KW Servo Customized Spindle(Same as 12KW)
Spindle speed0-8000rmp/min
Running speed0-8000rmp/min
Feeding speed1-10000mm/min
Fast feeding speedX/Y: 15000mm/min Z: 6000mm/min
Working accuracy0.05mm
Reposition accuracy0.02mm
Maximum processing thickness350mm
MotorJapanese servo motor
DriveServo driver
ReducerBrand from Taiwan
Way of fixing WorkpieceScuction Cup
vacuum pump5.5kw water-cooling
ATC8 sets Vertical-type ATC system
PositionAir Cylinder
Control systemSYNTEC control system / NC-studio control system
Engraving CommandG code, PLT, HPGL2D, 3D
Software compatabilityOrigin UCANCAM software
Switch and emergency stopThe best one in China
Working voltageAC380V/3phase,50HZ
Weight5000KG / 4000KG

Applications of CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing:

1. Suitable for Natural marble, granite, quartz, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, cambered surface, sphere, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, can doing 3D embossment, and line engraving, bevelling, drilling 2D engraving.

2. Suitable for European style edging, heterosexual stone, ceramics and glass drilling, sanding, edge down, carving, cutting, polishing, engraving.

Samples of CNC Machining Center for Stone Cutting and Polishing:

CNC machining center for stone samples

Packages of CNC stone machining center STS3216:

Stone CNC machining center packages

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