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Mini Wood Lathe for Small Wood Gourd Turning

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Mini Wood Lathe for Small Wood Gourd Turning

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Mini wood lathe is used for small woodturning projects of wood cup, wood bowl, wood beads, wood gourd with automatic CNC controller.

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Small Wood Lathe Turning Wooden Beads
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Mini Wood Lathe for Small Wood Gourd Turning

Mini wood lathe is used for wood gourd, bead, barrel, Buddha heads, gourd pendant, hoist pieces, wood cup, bowl, whip, cigarette holder, eggs, ashtray, scroll painting head, pens, and wine stoppers.

Mini wood lathe for small wood gourd turning

Mini Wood Lathe Applied Materials

Boxwood, willow, rosewood, beech, elm, ash, oak, pine, fir, camphor, cherry, birch, alder, walnut, and more woods.

Mini Wood Lathe Features

Turning Size

Max diameter 100mm, Max length 400mm.

Drilling Method

With automatic drill, computer controlled automatic concentric perforated.


Voltage: 220V

Whole machine power: 1000W.

Spindle motor power: 750W.

Operating Method

Direct input required in the software.

Diameter can be simple parameters, pagoda gourd, direct

Select the shape, size. No programming, easy to use.

You can also design your own style, drawing of contour line, BMP, JPG image can be processed.


High quality square orbit and ballscrew transmission.

Long lifespan, high precision.

Turning precision: 0.01mm.

Cutter Lifespan

Adopt super hard alloy CNC cutter (special for stainless steel),no wear for turning and milling red wood.

Processing 3000 pieces lobular red sandalwood whose diameter 2cm, no need chang cutter.

Very long service life, is the standard Piece. If there is damage to the direct replacement, without understanding thes harpening technique.

Turning Speed

In the processing of 2 size beads shall prevail, lobular Rosewood automatic.

Hole, turning every 38 seconds, 30 seconds without holes.

Phoebe play hole turning, every 25 seconds, not punching every 19 seconds.

Turning of 5cm diameter handball, 2.5 minutes one piece.

Turning handgrip gourd, diameter 5cm, 11cm long with 5 minutes.

Machine Size

Length: 130cm.

Width: 55cm.

Height: 90cm.

Weight: 150kgs.

Package Weight: 200kgs.

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