STS3113 CNC Stone Machining Center for Wash Basin

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STS3113 CNC Stone Machining Center for Wash Basin

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STS3113 CNC Stone Machining Center for Wash Basin
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STS3113 CNC Stone Machining Center for Wash Basin

stone CNC machining center for processing wash basin

CNC stone machining center is a stone processing equipment that integrates the functions of digging, sanding, chamfering and engraving. Stone CNC machining center is mainly used in:

1. Construction Industry

According to a large number of survey statistics, it is shown that the efficient and reliable stone CNC machine has a very wide range of applications in the construction and decoration industry. A large number of marbles and granites are often used in the construction and decoration industry. These materials need to be built into various types of walls, columns or steps with different images. The stone CNC machining center adopts the linkage combination cutting mode to realize the treatment of these materials.

2. Stone Processing Industry

Nowadays, almost all stone processing enterprises are equipped with a high-performance stone CNC processing center. This is because stone CNC processing represents advanced stone CNC machining technology with high quality, high efficiency and high reliability. It replaces traditional artificial technology and becomes the new development direction of the stone processing industry. In addition, the use of stone CNC machines The processed stone not only has neat cuts and no traces, but also has a very low processing loss rate.

3. Decoration Industry

The efficient and reliable stone CNC machining center has high-speed and high-precision control functions and multi-axis linkage application capabilities, so it is widely used in the stone decoration industry. Some stones need to be carved into special shapes or patterns for exhibition display. If artificial carving is used, it takes a lot of economic cost and time, and the application of efficient and reliable stone CNC machine can quickly complete the decoration of the decoration stone.

The CNC stone machining center is more suitable to complete the processing of various types of products such as cylinders, spheres and ellipsoids. This is also one of the fundamental reasons why more and more industries are actively searching online for good information about stone CNC machines. According to incomplete statistics, CNC stone machining centers are not only suitable for construction and decoration industry, but also for stone processing industry and decoration industry.

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