How to Maintain a CNC Mill?

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How to Maintain a CNC Mill?

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As a common type of CNC machine tool, CNC mill is widely used in the field of mechanical processing, and is usually in a high-load operating state. However, many users do not pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, so the damage to the machine is relatively large. In fact, no matter what kind of machine, scientific maintenance can effectively extend the service life and machining accuracy of the machine. The same is true for CNC mills. If you find an abnormality during use, you can prevent the situation from expanding if you can handle it in time. If you turn a blind eye, it may cause relatively large losses. Therefore, our daily maintenance of the milling machine is particularly important. Here we will teach you how to maintain a CNC mill.

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The Maintenance of The Guide Rail

During the use of CNC milling machine, it is necessary to ensure that the guide rail surface is clean, and no chips, abrasive particles fall on it. If there is, it will increase the friction of the guide rail and cause the guide rail to rust. Need to regularly protect and maintain the guide rail. It is necessary to check the smooth oil quantity of the guide rail every day. If the oil is not good, you should increase the smooth oil; together, pay attention to check whether the oil pump can be started and stopped on time, and whether the smooth oil can be supplied when starting. When processing graphite, ceramics, etc., use a graphite milling machine. Because graphite and ceramic materials are easy to produce large dust, once these dust enter the guide rail, it will affect the life of the machine used.

Stable External Power Supply

CNC mill machines generally use a three-phase AC380V / 50HZ power supply. Stable operation of the milling machine is inseparable from a stable external power supply, so we must equip the machine with a matching voltage regulator. At the same time, the main power supply must have a grounding cable, and the machine must be grounded, otherwise the startup is not allowed.

Other Maintenance Tips

1. When not in use for a long time, after turning on the machine, first return the machine to its original point, and then warm up the spindle for about 30 minutes.

2. The filter of the oil cooler should be cleaned in time, which can reduce the power consumption of the oil cooler and improve the cooling efficiency.

3. Before each machining stop, move the three axes to the middle position, and then power off to clean the machine.

4. Check the oil level of the spindle oil cooler every 2 months.

5. The water in the air of the air source filter should be drained in time.

6. Adjust the tool coolant valve to cool the cutting area of the tool with an appropriate flow.

7. Do not use a high-pressure air gun to clean up after processing. Use cutting water as much as possible.

8. When using water-soluble cutting fluid, adjust the water-oil ratio.

9. The tool setting instrument is a very precise measuring instrument. If the surface is not clean, it will affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it should be protected by a protective cover when it is not in use.

10. At any time when you encounter an unexpected situation, press the emergency stop button as soon as possible.

11. Check the level of the machine every 6 months to ensure that the level is controlled within 0.02 / 300.

The above tips systematically describe the precautions for the maintenance of the CNC machine during use. We usually have good habits and believe that it will definitely extend the service life of your machine. For more practical knowledge about CNC milling machine, please contact us directly, we will answer your every question.

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