CNC Wood Lathe Broaching Stair Handrails

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CNC Wood Lathe Broaching Stair Handrails

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CNC Wood Lathe Broaching Stair Handrails
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CNC Wood Lathe Broaching Stair Handrails

CNC wood lathes are suitable for wood projects with large diameters and short lengths. High-speed steel or cemented carbide tools can be used to process hardwood and softwood pasted wood. It can complete the outer circle, inner hole, end face, tapered surface, grooving, cutting, broaching, turning process. Realize fully automated operation, one-time finished products, greatly improve work efficiency. CNC wood lathes are mainly used for cylinders, columns, wooden bowls, pen holders and other handicrafts, and other workpieces with rotating surfaces. It is the most widely used type of CNC machine in industrial manufacturing.

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