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STYLECNC® CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads for sale

Model: STM25120
Category: CNC Wood Router
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Standard Price: $13000.00 / Set
Price Range: $13000.00 to $16000.00 / Set according to configuration
The price will float according to the configurations of STYLECNC® CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads
Supply Ability: 10 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Alibaba

Product Introduction

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STYLECNC® CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads is used for relief sculpture, 3D engraving, cylinders engraving such as wood table legs.

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Product Descriptions

CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

Performance of CNC router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads:

1. four axis machine, with 8 Rotaries and 8 spindles, which can work at the same time or independently, and every one's max effective working area is 150mm(diameter) by 1000mm(length).

2. With Scanner or designed photo, it can do any 3D Engraving and 2D Engraving.

3. Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure, the stability is excellent, not easy to be deformed.

4. Has the 4th rotary which is used for engraving cylinder workpieces. 

5. Well compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software e.g. Type 3/Artcam/ Castmate/Wentai etc.

6. Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

7. Adopting advanced YASAKWA servo motor and DSP(A18) control system.

CNC router with 4 axis rotary

CNC router with 8 heads

Features of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

Control box of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

Features of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads:

1. It can engrave several materials at one time, which greatly increasing the working efficiency.

2. It can do not only rotary engraving but also flat engraving.

3. Movable working table with high engraving accuracy.

4. Inverter,reducer and spindle are one attached one which make the machine working more stablely and efficiently.

5. XYZ axis use anti-dust system, prevent dust during working, make sure the long lifaspan of square parts.

6. With 8 independent spindles, can enhance the efficiency of engraving work.

7. Each spindle is cotrolled by an independent frequency converter.

8. Can ajust the motor power timely and accurately, it's more power-saving and safe.

9. Suitable for engraving plane and cylindrical materials.

10. With whole casting iron frame, to ensure the structure stability, low inertia and no distortion.

11. HIWIN linear guide and sliding block, Germany made dual screw-nut anti-gap rod.

12. With high accuracy, low noise, and long life.

13. Equipped with high-speed spindle motor, high-performance division drive.

14. Ensure the long time and stable working.

15. Adopted with advanced controlled system, with simple operating software, its easy to learn.

16. And the operator can check the real-time trajectory, plus or minus Z-axis depth in real-time.

17. And adjust the motor speed conveniently.

18. Powerful compatibility for most of software such as: type3, Artcam, Proe, Wentai,CAD / CAM.

19. Humanized design, convenient for removing and installing.

20. Can meet not only the high sensitivity, high accuracy, high speed small sculpture.

21. Can adapt to large acrylic cutting, three-dimensional billboard production, wood carving.

Technical parameters of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads:




Rotary axis max diameter


Rotary axis max length




Lathe structure

Seamless welded steel structure

X,Y structure

Rack and pinion transmission, Hiwin square guide rail

Z structure

Imported ball screw

Max. idling speed


Spindle motor power

2.2 KW

Spindle rotate speed


Working voltage

AC380V/50Hz or can be customized

Working mode

Yaskawa servo motor

the control system

DSP(A18) control system(Option NC Studio)

Cooling mode



8 heads


8 rotaries

Applications and samples of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads:

1. Wood Furniture Industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen,MDF, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.

2. Advertising industry: advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.

3. Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wooden planks and other non-metallic mold.

4. Relief sculpture and 3D engraving.

5. Cylinders engraving such as wood table legs etc.

3D CNC Router Applications

Samples of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

Applications of CNC Router with 4 axis rotary and 8 heads

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