How to Use LNC CNC Controller for ATC CNC Routers?

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How to Use LNC CNC Controller for ATC CNC Routers?

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How to Use LNC CNC Controller for ATC CNC Routers?
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How to Use LNC CNC Controller for ATC CNC Routers?

The video shows how the automatic tool changer CNC router measures tools automatically, how to set the working coordinates of X, Y, and Z axis, how to import the NC file to start working, and the whole complete operation process for ATC CNC router or CNC machining center. It's the most helpful user manual with video for beginners and CNC machinist.

The operation panel of LNC CNC controller can be divided into OP operation panel, LCD liquid crystal display, and MDI data input panel. The main function of the MDI data input panel is to allow users to edit or modify a program and set numerical values. The OP operation panel is a control panel for meeting all CNC machining requirements, it is equipped with various switches and function keys, and a pulse generator (hand wheel). The operation panel can have different designs based on different CNC router machines, CNC milling machines, and CNC lathe machines, but this system contains a set of standard panels which can be selected by the CNC machine manufacturer.

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