TCT Straight Flute CNC Bits for MDF and Wood Cutting

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TCT Straight Flute CNC Bits for MDF and Wood Cutting

Model: TCT Router Bits
Type: CNC Router Parts, Bits, Accessories
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Product Introduction

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

TCT straight flute CNC bits with two flute cutters, the CNC router tools are professional for high speed cutting and full depth plunging on solid timber, MDF, hard wood and man-made boards cutting.

Product Details

TCT straight bit

Features of  TCT straight flute CNC bits:

1. Made by micro carbide tipped, with long service life. 

2. Professional technology, good quality, high precision.

3. A varity of styles and specifications are offered.

4. Stocks available for regular sizes.

5. Customized design available.

straight flute CNC bits

TTC straight flute CNC bits

straight flute CNC cutter

We have all kinds of CNC bits for different works, welcome to inquiry with your specific work.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

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