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A reference of laser marking machine from Australia

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Ben Porter from Australia

Publish: Modify: Nov 24, 2018Author: Views: 0From: STYLECNC25460
We are using STYLECNC laser marking machine about 8 hours every week with great results. I'm very glad I bought laser machine from you.

The Fiber laser marking machine you supplied is working really well.

It arrived safely in the wooden crate just 4 days after you sent it - It was easy to unpack and setup - and we did have a few questions which I contacted you on Skype about but you were always very quick to reply and provide the answer.

We are using it about 8 hours every week with great results.

We have been using it to make customised cufflinks, bottle openers and keyrings  - we've been very impressed with the results and so have the clients.
I did a lot of research prior to buying this and was very nervous about buying a machine from overseas, but I'm very glad I bought this from you.

The only part we haven't tried yet is the rotary device for engraving curved items, we hope to try it soon.

Thanks again for all your help Claire.

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