Multi Spindle CNC Router for Woodworking

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Multi Spindle CNC Router for Woodworking

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Multi Spindle CNC Router for Woodworking
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Multi Spindle CNC Router for Woodworking

Multi spindle CNC router machine is an indispensable equipment in the furniture production process. The product size is small, and it is generally designed and manufactured for mass production. This machine can work on the same pattern with multiple spindles at the same time. Increase the processing speed and complete the work efficiency of multiple devices in the same time. In the same way, different tools can be used on different spindles, which can improve the efficiency of processing workpieces by eliminating the time for tool changes.

Multi spindle CNC routers can work together on the same picture, greatly improving the processing speed, and can complete the work efficiency of multiple equipment together; of course, in some cases where the processing volume is not large, it can also complete a single spindle independent operation, which is useful Reasonably control production costs.

In batch processing, the products have good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the procurement cost of production equipment. One machine is multi-purpose, economical and affordable.

Customization is possible. It is designed for customers who need large-volume and small workpiece processing. It is suitable for processing cabinet doors, artistic embossed screens, technical fan windows, embossed technology gifts, solid wood art rock paintings, carpenter calligraphy and carving, artistic photo frames, electrical countertops, sports Many professional products such as supplies, violin arcs, carving and cutting of non-ferrous metals.

Multi spindle CNC router for woodworking is very suitable for furniture bulk production such as desk legs,stair handrails and other column cylinder products, the multi spindles can work at the same time to improve the efficiency.

Multi spindle CNC router machine can also control the each spindle independently to use only one head to process, so that it can increase the working area.

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