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Multi-heads CO2 Laser Cutter for Plywood/MDF/Acrylic/Paper/Wood

Multi-heads CO2 Laser Cutter for Plywood/MDF/Acrylic/Paper/Wood

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This is a testing video of Multi-heads CO2 laser cutter with four heads, which is used to cut Plywood, MDF, Acrylic, Paper, Wood and most of non-metal works, four heads can cut four wood board at the same time.

1mm Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine with Fiber Laser Source
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Multi-heads CO2 Laser Cutter for Plywood/MDF/Acrylic/Paper/Wood

Except four  heads CO2 laser cutters, STYLECNC has various CO2 Laser cutters, such as single head CO2 Laser cutters, double heads CO2 laser cutters, etc, the optional sizes include 900*600mm,1300*900mm,1600*1000mm and 1300*2500mm, other sizes can be customized.

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