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CO2 Laser Machine Engrave & Cut Wood Crafts
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CO2 Laser Machine Engrave & Cut Wood Crafts - Video Description

This video shows wood crafts making with CO2 laser cutter engraving machine. CO2 laser engraver cutting machine is suitable for wood, MDF, plywood, fabric, leather, acrylic, and plastic. ...Read More Video Intros

As the name implies, a CO2 laser engraving machine is a tool that uses CO2 laser beam to engrave materials. Laser engraving machines are different from mechanical engraving machines and other traditional manual engraving methods. Mechanical engraving machines use mechanical means, such as diamonds and other extremely hard materials to engrave other things. The CO2 laser engraving machine uses the thermal energy of the laser to engrave materials, and the laser in the laser engraving machine is its core. Generally speaking, the use of laser engraving machine is more extensive, and the engraving accuracy is higher, and the engraving speed is faster. And compared to the traditional manual engraving method, laser engraving can also achieve a very delicate engraving effect, no less than the level of hand-engraving craftsmanship. It is precisely because the laser engraving machine has so many advantages, so now the application of laser engraving machine has gradually replaced the traditional engraving equipment and methods, and has become the main engraving tool.

Using laser engraving, the process is very simple, just like using a computer and a printer to print on paper. Users can use a variety of graphics processing software under the Windows system. The designed and scanned graphics, vectorized graphics and various CAD files can be easily "printed" to the engraving machine. The only difference is that printing refers to applying toner to paper, while laser engraving refers to irradiating almost all materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, stone, fabric, and paper.

CO2 laser engraver cutting machine can make all kinds of wood crafts (including bamboo), with fine workmanship, simple design, different styles, natural colors, novel and unique.

The materials of wood crafts that CO2 laser engraving machine can make include mahogany, pine, fir, camphor, sandalwood, paulownia, rosewood, peach, maple, birch, elm, boxwood, nanmu, basswood, and more.

The common types of wood crafts that can be engraved & cut by CO2 laser cutter engraving machine mainly include furniture, lighting, ornaments, models, root carvings, study rooms, utensils, pen holders, combs, screens, doors, coat racks, coffee tables, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, and jewelry boxes. , Wine racks, craft paintings, Buddha statues, pendants.

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