Auto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Dual Heads

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Auto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Dual Heads

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Auto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Dual Heads
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Auto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Dual Heads

Auto feeding fabric laser cutting machine with dual head adopts auto-feeding system worktable, which is used to cut soft materials in rolls automatically, especially used for cutting leather, cloth, fabric, paper.

In order to meet the processing requirements of large-format fabric cutting jobs, the laser fabric cutting machine adopts a stable and solid working chassis at the machine tool level to ensure stability and accuracy during fast movement. The motion system adopts linear guide rail guidance and precision gear and rack transmission to ensure the machining accuracy, the specially treated fully open stainless steel mesh working platform is easy to operate and never wears out. The industrial fabric laser cutting machines is equipped with an automatic transmission system, which saves you working hours, costs and improves work efficiency.

The fabric laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced high-speed controller in the world, the performance is greatly improved, the smooth acceleration and deceleration control software, the action is fast and stable, and the automatic light attenuation compensation technology makes different cutting parts achieve ideal results.

The mechanical parts of the laser cloth cutting machine adopt the best gear and rack motion transmission system, which ensures the high-precision effect under high-speed motion. The machine tool-level rolling processing platform is stable and reliable, and it cooperates with the automatic loading and unloading system, which is suitable for high-strength, high-precision high-volume and multi-batch operation requirements.

The function of automatic matching of light intensity and speed ensures the quality of corner cutting, and the continuous curve cutting function can accelerate the speed of curve cutting and quickly realize the cutting of garment samples, which greatly improves the productivity and competitiveness of garment enterprises.

Laser fabric cutting machine is suitable for cutting materials cloth, leather, paper, wood products, plexiglass, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials. It is suitable for professional users who need large-format cutting and engraving in industries such as clothing, fabrics, leather goods, furniture, packaging, printed advertisements, decoration, construction, paper products, and templates.

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