What A Powerful 4'x8' Wood CNC Router From STYLECNC

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Tyrell thomas from the Unite States

Publish:   Modify: Mar 16, 2023  Author:   Views: 651 (2 Min Read)  From: STYLECNC

This is the first project done by my STM1325R1 wood CNC router purchased from STYLECNC in China. STM1325R1 CNC router with 4HP spindle motor, so powerful to cut and carve on wood, MDF, Acrylic, etc.

It is one heavy duty CNC machine, so I add some wheels by myself to move more easy. Tomorrow i will try my 4th axis, I hope to make one pillar and post again.

STM1325R1 CNC router is a great machine to add to my workshop, the price was good, delivery was quick. Now that I have begun using it, I can see the possibilities are going to be endless.

STM1325R1 CNC router

wood CNC router in the US

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What A Powerful 4'x8' Wood CNC Router From STYLECNC
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