How to Make Solid Wood Door with CNC Router?

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How to Make Solid Wood Door with CNC Router?

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Solid wood door consists of two parts-basic door shape and decorated designs, obviously the single head is not enough to finish the whole solid wood door project, so one pneumatic or automatic tool changer CNC kit comes into being. Now let us learn about STM1325-3T CNC router for solid wood door making.

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How to Make Solid Wood Door with CNC Router?
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How to Make Solid Wood Door with CNC Router?

CNC Router for Solid Wood Door Making

STM1325-3T is one pneumatic tool changer CNC router with 3 spindle motors. In the middle is one 6KW motor, it main used to do cutting with high power. Two sides are 3.5KW motor main used to do carving.

Features of STM1325-3T CNC Router for Solid Wood Door Making

1. Working area:1300*2500*200mm.

2. 3.5KW*2+6KW air-cooling spindle.

3. Taiwan Hiwin 20 square rails.

4. X,Y axis helical rack and pinion transmission.

5. Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission.

6. NC-studio control system.

7. Vacuum table with 5.5KW water pump.

8. Fuling inverter.

9. Easy servo motor and driver.

10. Double bags dust collector.

11. Adjustable pad.

12. Tool box (all the necessary parts to use directly).

If your solid wooden door need 4 pcs different bits, our STM1325-4T is optional.

If need more than 4 bits, automatic tool changer STM1325C or STM1325D for choose.

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