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The difference between MOPA and Q-switch laser marking machine

MOPA and Q-switch laser marking machine difference

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What is the difference between MOPA laser and Q-switch laser and what new technology and advantages MOPA laser has?

In recent years, the optical Fiber laser marking technology has developed rapidly, which has been widely used in the field of 3C electronic products, Machinery, food, packaging and so on. Laser marking technology compared to the traditional marking technology, not only in the loss of materials, but also the marking the effect has more advantages. People in order to get more beautiful marking effect and more efficient production and processing, will choose the different manufacturers and types of lasers for comparison, so as to find the suitable laser for processing of the products.

Currently, in the market, the type of pulsed Fiber laser is mainly includes two types: Q-switch technology and MOPA technology. The Q-switch laser has been developed earlier in the year, so it is now a big market. And MOPA laser is only gradually developed in recent years, as a more new technology, So what is the difference between MOPA laser and Q-switch laser and what new technology and advantages MOPA laser has?

The application difference between MOPA laser and Q -switch laser

1.  Alumine sheet stripped surface application

Now more and more thin electronic products, many mobile phones, tablets, computers are using a thin aluminum oxide as the product of the shell. Using laser Q-switch in thin aluminum plate marking guide potential, easily lead to deformation of the material, abaxially produced "convex hull", directly affect the appearance. The parameters of MOPA laser pulse width smaller, which can make the material easy to deformation, shading is more delicate and bright white. This is due to the laser MOPA use the pulse width parameter can make laser stay at the material time becomes shorter, and sufficiently high energy can remove the anode layer, so for thin aluminum plate surface stripping anode processing, laser MOPA is a better choice.

2. Anodic alumina's black marking application

The use of laser in the anodic alumina surface marking a black mark, model and text, the application in the recent two years is gradually apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu electronic manufacturers widely used for electronic product shell, used for marking black mark on the trade marks, models, etc.. For this type of applications, there are only MOPA laser can be processed. Because has a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range of the laser MOPA by narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters can be on the material surface marked effect of black, through different combinations of parameters can also play marked the effect of different gray.

3. Electronic, semiconductor, ITO precision machining applications

In the electronics, semiconductor, and ITO and other precision machining, mainly need to use fine line marking. because of Q-switch laser structure,it can not adjust the pulse width parameters, so the line is difficult to achieve fine. The MOPA laser can be flexible to adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters, which can not only make the line fine, but also the edge is not smooth.

In addition to the above several application cases, there are many different applications of MOPA laser and Q-switch laser, here are some typical examples of applications, the following table:

ApplicationQ-Switch laserMopa laser
Alumine sheet stripped surfaceEasy deformation,rough markingNo deformation,fine marking
Alumine sheet black color markingCan’tIt can marking different black color by setting the parameters
Metal depth markingRough markingFine marking
Stainless steel color markingIt is difficult to set parameters,and out of focusIt can marking different colors by setting the parameters
PC,ABS plasticMarking edge yellow,roughWithout yellow color,smooth
Light transmission paint keyboardCan’tEasy to make it pervious to light
electronic,semiconductor components,ITO precision machiningPulse width bigger,power strongThe pulse can be adjusted to get best facula,and make the power balance

In the comparison of the above introduction, we can see that the MOPA laser can replace the Q-switch  laser in many applications. In some of the more high-end applications, MOPA laser is better than the Q laser.

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