Do you experience the following issues when choose a CNC machine

It is difficult to find a guaranteed China CNC Manufacturer for CNC Router, CNC Laser and Plasma Cutter?

Too many shell companies, we can't find a full-service company with R&D, manufacture and install?

CNC machine quality is uneven, we can't guarantee the life of the CNC machine.

The CNC machine cycle is too long, and the delivery time is non-guaranteed.

The supplier can't solve in time when encounter a problem in using a cnc machine.

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Over 10 years intention for one
Focus on CNC machine manufacturing

China STYLECNC specializes in the development and manufacture of CNC router machine, CNC laser machine and Plasma cutter.

For over 10 years development, excellent quality and competitive prices bring us stable customers from home and abroad.

Good product quality
from raw materials to start

We have the first Class-1000 air cleanliness workshop in China CNC industry, and the parts of its environment can reach Class 100.

Production team use ERP system to manage the Designer and workers and plan the enterprise resource.

From raw material procurement to production, quality inspection has a perfect management system.

Customized CNC solutions
Your cost savings of 10% -20 %

For your needs, China STYLECNC use nature from product design and product applications, provide upstream suppliers consultant for your custom CNC solutions tailored product.

Fast delivery, high cost-effective, up 10% -20 % cost savings

One tracking, caring service

Professional logistics and distribution, to ensure that equipment is accurate, immediate delivery.

Professional technical personnel to provide you with staff training and technical advisory services free of charge.

Professional after-sale team regularly visit by internet, rapid response within 24 hours

24 HOURS SERVICE HOTLINE: +86-0531-83161518Send inquiry

Partners we should be thankful

A good buy for STG6090 CNC router machine
Jul 13, 2016Augustine

STG6090 CNC router, this is my first CNC machine, it is build to last with good quality parts. I would recommend this machine for you....
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Panel furniture production line improved wooden doors processing efficiency
Mar 31, 2016Blair

wooden doors with panel furniture production line, carved picture more exquisite, and is suitable for batch production, thus greatly improving the efficiency ...
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Witness the love of metal engraving machine
Jan 24, 2016Hattie

I spent only a little time, The couple's photo of love is engraved on the lighter to use the metal engraving machine, I also tried engraveing lipstick on the ...
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Wilson feedback from Argentina
Jan 19, 2016Wilson

I do know from taking off a cover that the X beam on the gantry has an 8mm thick wall. Thats going to be heavy yet it moves quite nicely at the 18M/M I have i...
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Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of CNC router machine (CNC wood router, Stone engraving machine, Metal engraving machine, 5 axis CNC router, 3D CNC router and CNC milling machine), CNC laser machine (Laser marking machine, Laser engraving machine and Laser cutting machine), Plasma cutting machine, Panel furniture production line, CNC working center, CNC wood lathe, CNC spare parts and other CNC machines. We are committed to providing customers with high quality products, competitive prices and excellent services. For over 10 years development, our efforts bring us stable customers from China and abroad. Our products have exported to Europe, Africa, Mid east, America, Oceania and Southeast Asia, etc.
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